ProMax, 200mg, 10ml, Testosterones Mix, LA-Pharma

ProMax, 200mg, 10ml, Testosterones Mix, LA-Pharma

Ingredient: testosterone mix
Package: 10ml (200mg / 1ml)
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ProMax - LA-Pharma - 10ml

Like other testosterone esters, testosterone propionate and acetate provide significant gains in mass and strength, but with the advantage of minimal water retention, which ensures a denser and better quality musculature . Because of its rapid action, this ester allows a significant increase in energy while training and better vascularization (blood flow) during the first days of the cycle. Also called Carboxyethane or Propionic acid. The propionate ester will slow the release of an anabolic steroid for several days to allow the blood levels to fluctuate greatly.
The ProMax 200 by La-Pharma is a mix of 3 Testosterone esters 200mg / ml.

100 mg of Testosterone Propionate
50 mg of Testosterone Phenylpropionate
50 mg of Testosterone Acetate

Compounds propionate are usually injected 2-3 times per week. Testosterone Propionate is a very popular steroid. The Testosterone Acetate Ester will give you an immediate boosting effect.

Dosage: ProMax - LA-Pharma - 10ml

Between 400 and 800mg week.

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