Halotestin-LA, fluoxymesterone 10 mg/tab, 30 tabs, LA Pharma

Halotestin-LA, fluoxymesterone 10 mg/tab, 30 tabs, LA Pharma

Ingredient: fluoxymesterone
Package: 30 tabs (10 mg / tab)
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HalotestinLA Pharma

Fluoxymesterone is the most loved by powerlifters and weightlifters, because it gives build up strength rather than in muscle gain. This category of athletes is more interested in a strength gain without adding body weight. This steroid is also very popular among bodybuilders during preparation for a competition. Using this steroid, muscles appears more massive while the diameter does not increase.
Because of high interest on this steroid among athletes, LA Pharma took the advantage and made its own Fluoxymesterone, it is called Halotestin-LA. Its strength is 10 mg per tablet and is sold in original LA Pharma pack by 30 tablets.

As was mentioned earlier Halotestin-LA will show a denser look of the muscles without a notable size increase. This is very important when the athlete wants to stay within a specific weight range.
The dosage for bodybuilders and for powerlifters is different. For example, for bodybuilders it should be 20-30 mg per day while for powerlifters should be 40 mg per day. Halotestin-LA should be taken mornings and evenings with plenty of fluids.
Bodybuilders often combine Halotestin-LA with other steroids. A combination of 30 mg daily of Halotestin-LA and 700 mg of Equipoise every two days for over four week will show a wonderful result, the strength gained will be turned into high quality muscle tissue.

For those who will take Halotestin-LA for the first time it is important to know that the dosage should be limited to 20-30 mg per day and no longer than 4-6 weeks, otherwise the side effects will be dramatic for the user. This steroid is 17-alpha-alkylated and puts high stress on liver.
Other observed side effects are increased production of the sebaceous gland, nasal bleeding, gastrointestinal pain, headaches and reduced production of the body’s own hormones. The last one is the most serious and the user should take more attention on this. To restore the normal hormonal production it is advised to take HCG and Clomid or Nolva.

Dosage: HalotestinLA Pharma

20 – 40 mg perday

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